The Age Old Question: Do Men Really Want to Get Married?

If there is, a question that marriage counselors should start calling age old it is this one; Do men really want to get married? This is a question that women the world over ask themselves and their therapists as they seek to understand why their man just won't propose (meanwhile, 99% of do not happen unless they do). In truth, there is no yes or no answer to this question. Different men are surrounded by different circumstances and will therefore have varying opinions about the subject of marriage. While you cannot drag him to the alter and force him to take the vows, you can learn to understand what his fears about marriage are and help him sort them out.


Sacrifice and compromise are the two biggest characteristics of marriage. Every party has to give a little for the relationship to work. For men this is not usually a very pleasant proposition. If they feel that their freedom is compromised by getting married, they will hold off on proposing to you for as long as they can just so they can keep their freedom to do what they want when they want to. The best way to go about this is to help your man get a different perspective of what marriage is about. Hanging out with happily married couples has been known to help some. In addition, spending time apart every so often helps balance out his time between his world with and without you. Do not overwhelm him with your presence.


Most men want to get married but are afraid of the apparently costly affair that is marriage. Most women jinx themselves by always talking lavishly about weddings and the kind of expensive wedding they want. If you do this, you need not even ask the question do men really want to get married because he will never ask you. Do not shroud marriage in money and expenses otherwise your man will run far away from the idea no matter how much he loves you.


Men hate familiarity. The sudden realization that they have to spend the rest of their lives with one person normally hits them pretty hard. Research has also shown that men get an addictive kick out of dating many women. Marriage does not allow for this and they therefore avoid marriage. This has even been pointed out as one of the reasons for infidelity in marriages. The best way to go about it is to keep the relationship exciting and fresh. Do not get comfortable and start dressing in his clothes when you visit his apartment for the weekend. Always look sexy because this will make him want to be around you more. Men are also jealous creatures; he won't let anyone get their hands on you if you are perfect for him.


So do men really want to get married and leave the single life behind? The answer is YES. It does not matter how randy your man is, it reaches a point when he will want to settle down. It is upon you as the woman to ease him gently into it—I know, I know. Do not put pressure on him to propose, as this will push him away. Be an antidote for all the negative messages he hears and sees about marriage and you will soon have a rock on your finger.


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